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Personal Injury

If the reckless actions of another individual or party have caused you injury, you may be entitled to receive compensation by filing a claim against that individual's insurance company. Having skilled legal representation is key to obtaining the rightful justice you deserve.


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Automobile Accidents

Texas Department of Transportation 2015 automobile accident crash statistics reflect 1 person was killed every 2 hours 29 minutes; 1 person was injured every 2 minutes 8 seconds and 1 reportable crash occurred every 61 seconds. These statistics include 18 wheeler accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents.


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Drunk Driver Accident Injuries

Driving under the influence (DUI) occurs more often than you may think.  Statistics indicate that a person is injured in an alcohol related crash every two minutes.


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Wrongful Death

When the unimaginable occurs even the simplest decisions become difficult. The devastating effect as a result of the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence leaves no room to handle complicated legal matters.


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Brain Injuries

Are you coping with the life-altering impacts of a traumatic brain injury? The physical and financial strain from such an injury can be devastating. Don't face these problems alone. Call the Arsenault Law firm for a free case evaluation at 214-903-4462.


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Spine Injuries

Spinal Injuries


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Bicycle Accidents

Thousands of bicycle accidents happen every year because careless motorists choose to ignore the rules of the road.