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Self Driving Trucks! Who's at Fault?

Self Driving Trucks! Who's at Fault?

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When a truck accident occurs, generally you first look for liability in the truck driver’s actions. Often, the driver’s negligence played a large part in causing the accident. However, when a driverless truck causes injuries, who can be held liable?

Because driverless vehicle technology is still new, many questions about liability have yet to be answered by the courts. When a driverless vehicle causes an accident, it is important for injured parties and their attorneys to consider all potential sources of liability. These may include not only the company that produces the driverless software and systems, but also:

  • The trucking company. Currently, trucking companies have a duty to ensure that their trucks and equipment are in good working order. This duty likely extends to include the good working order of any autonomous vehicle technology.
  • The owner of the cargo. In some truck accidents, an overweight or improperly secured load leads to an accident even when the driver takes care to avoid one. In these instances, the company that owns or that loaded the cargo may be responsible for any injuries resulting from an improper load.
  • Other drivers. Each year in Texas, accidents occur that involve large trucks, but that were not caused by the truck itself. Instead, the negligence of another driver started a chain of events that led to an accident in which the truck was involved. Since driverless truck technology may be programmed to take defensive maneuvers similar to those human drivers use, it is also possible that such defensive maneuvers may cause accidents—and must be considered when determining where liability lies.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, recovering from your injuries is your number one priority. By working with an experienced Texas truck accident lawyer, you gain an ally who can help investigate your accident, negotiate with insurance companies, and prepare your case for the compensation you deserve. Call the Arsenault Law Firm today for your free consultation.